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I am Óscar Martín Polo Founder of Studio FusiOM "Escuela Del Movimiento."

Certified Pilates Mat and Study teacher by different schools, both Classical and Contemporary (PMA) Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 / 500HS), Therapeutic Yoga and Aeroyoga / Aeropilates and Aerofitness.

Personal Trainer by the Spanish Fitness Federation. Certified Crossfit instructor, RECORD Suspension Training, kettlebell. XT29 (high intensity interval training) Animal Flow Instructor.

My work has always been directed towards a more personal Training according to the needs of the student. From training for different aesthetic goals as well as competition or injury rehabilitation.

Different disciplines have made me have a more global vision of the movement. From the strictest form of controlled and efficient movement (Body and mind) of Pilates to the discipline of Yoga (Body and Soul Union) or the freedom of movement and expression of Animal Flow.

The experience is not only given to you by the training sessions. With more than 10 years teaching. Working with students with different pathologies and objectives, I increasingly seek to specialize in "conscious movement."


- YIN YOGA TRAINING 2020 (20 Hours). Most restorative yoga style suitable for all levels where total relaxation of body and mind is sought.

- YOGA TRAINING RYS 500 2019 by the Yoga Alliance.

- R10METHOD TRAINING 2019. (25 Hours). Certi fi cation of Physical and Mental Conditioning. Based on the natural movement of the body. With methods of Animal fl ow. MovNat and Idoportal.

- THERAPEUTIC YOGA TRAINING WITH FISIOMYOGA 2018 (200 hours) It is a discipline of therapeutic Yoga linked to Physiotherapy and Osteopathy.


- CORES 1,2,3 SEMINAR, PMA 2018 (12 hours) With David García Benítez.

- PILATES SEMINAR 2018 (12 hours) With Rafa Humanes.

- YOGA TRAINING RYS 200 2015 by the Yoga Alliance.

- ANIMAL FLOW INSTRUCTOR 2015 (40 hours).

- AEROYOGA TRAINING 2015 (200 hours) Artistic method of personal growth that uses suspension and weightlessness in a special swing.


- CALISTENIA TRAINING Level 1 and 2 by APTA VITAL SOPORT 2015 (60 hours) by FEEPYF. Gymnastic exercises for body control.

- RECORD ACTIVE TRAINING Level I and II 2015 (60 hours) »Functional suspension training«.

- MIOSFACIAL SEMINAR 2014 with «Las haches«.

- XT INSTRUCTOR 29 »HOLISTIC» and »SPARTAN» 2013 (20 hours) Functional training designed to lose weight in a short time and regain fitness.


- CROSSFIT LEVEL I SEMINAR 2013 By Reebok Spain.



- PROPS PILATES XTENSAL SEMINAR 2011. We introduce external elements in the Pilates class such as Fit Ball, Elastic Band, Soft Ball, Magic Circle and Foam Roller. To make a class more dynamic and with new challenges.

- FUNCTIONAL SEMINAR TRAINNER ORTHOS 2011 (80 hours) Design and plan functional training in circuit or personalized to improve our physical aptitudes both for sport and for daily life.

- ORTHOS 2010 FITNESS MONITOR (200 hours) Plan and carry out health sport training programs seeking the balance of physical qualities. Adapt activities and exercises to different groups such as in the Gym.
Educate and guide users in healthy lifestyle habits. (Course approved by the RFEG).

- PERSONAL TRAINER ORTHOS 2010 (125 hours) Plan and direct trainings with personalized attention and adjusted to the needs of each user. (Course approved by the RFEG).

- XTENSAL PILATES TRAINING 2010 (200 hours) Design and adapt MAT and STUDIO Pilates programs to different clients. Conduct individual or group sessions according to the principles of the Pilates method. (PMA certified).

- CHAMAN CHIROMASAJISTA 2010 (216 hours) Manual, vital and Relaxation massage. Therapeutic massage injuries. Sports, Hawaiian and Thai massage. Vertebral Manipulation. (Course approved by FENACO).

- POST- GRADUATE CHIROMASAJISTA CHAMAN 2010 (100 hours) General Osteopathic Treatment. (Course approved by FENACO).





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An architect by profession, I started practicing yoga occasionally during periods of stress.
I loved yoga
but I was frustrated at times by not understanding the purpose of the Asanas.
At times I have gotten injured by trying to imitate the postures without understanding them, thus exceeding my limits.
That prompted me to want to know more and to train as a kundalini teacher with "walking together."
The body awareness that I have been acquiring with practice, added to the state of consciousness and connection with other disciplines, has allowed me to connect this knowledge with the previously acquired cimo arquitecta, understanding the human body as a moving structure, being able to transmit in my classes, that which I had a hard time understanding to surrender to the posture.

I have also trained in aerial yoga with Nuria Martín, in the Yogi corner in Alhaurín de la Torre, providing this training with more presence in the body consciousness.

Other formations that I have and that I also use in my classes are:
-Personal coach
-Mindfullnes for self pity
-Sound healing
-Singing Coral

Kundalini yoga is a yoga modality in which the sacred connection between body and mind is worked to improve our levels of consciousness and harmony in connection with everything that surrounds us.

In Kundalini yoga, PRANAYAMAS (different types of breathing) are used, KRIYAS (series of asanas of exercises or asanas focused on an end), MEDITATION and CHANGING OF MANTRAS to increase the level of inner consciousness towards ourselves and our vital processes , and level of external consciousness in relational processes and connection with the environment that surrounds us.

The habitual practice of Kundalini yoga can cause high levels of serenity, tranquility and connection with the environment.

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• Certified Yoga Teacher 500hrs Vinyasa, Hatha, Pre and Post Natal, Advanced Settings.
• Certified personal trainer incl. Pre and Post Natal.
• Certified Thai massage therapist incl. Pre and Post Natal.
• Additional training in Myofascial Release, Oil Massage, KettleBell Training, Medicine Ball Training and spins.
It is because of my own history and the hunger to see others heal their wounds and experience the joy and vital freedom that I share this knowledge with all my students. There are many ways to find peace and acceptance of the ups and downs of life.
Life has led me to find them through building a loving and trusting relationship with myself through taking care of my physical body, training my subconscious mind, and seeking a lifestyle that continually nurtures me.
The tools and methods that I practice and teach create strength and adaptability both physically and emotionally.
Life changes forever and being able to flow with these changes with strength, gratitude and self-confidence allows each moment to be an opportunity for happiness.

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Hi, I'm LISA .
Lisa is a Slow Flow and Yin Yoga bilingual yoga teacher, with over 12 years of yoga experience and a Yoga certificate. Classes focus on developing self-confidence and functional movements to improve your physical and mental health and well-being.
Lisa is a bilingual yoga teacher offering creative classes of Slow Flow (Vinyasa) and Yin Yoga, a practitioner with over 12 years of experience, she is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. Classes focus on building self-confidence and functional movement to enhance your-to-day health, fitness and wellbeing.
Experience the benefits of a deeper understanding of your mind and body.
Classes are suitable for all levels, with modifications provided.

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Grace Melissa ha trabajado como bailarina / artista de espectáculos de producción profesional desde 2014 a bordo de varios cruceros reconocidos (Louis Cruises, Cuba Cruises, Costa Cruises y Msc Cruises) y es profesora de baile totalmente calificada con la Royal Academy of Dance (PDTD).  , para la ISTD (Sociedad Imperial de Profesores de Danza) y para la IDTA (Asociación Internacional de Profesores de Danza) y tiene su certificado de enseñanza LAMDA (Teatro de Música y Arte Dramático de Londres).  También ser profesor certificado de PBT (Técnica de ballet progresivo) y PCT (Técnica contemporánea progresiva).
Grace obtuvo sus certificados Advanced 2 en Tap y en danza de teatro moderno con distinción y también aprobó sus exámenes de ballet R.A.D, incluido Intermediate.
Grace también fue parte de Duo Formation ("Duo Indigo") donde realizó profesionalmente sus habilidades en:
- Aro aéreo
-Duo Sedas Aéreas
-Duo Adagio
Grace tiene una personalidad cálida y amigable, muy trabajadora, entusiasta, ama
conocer y trabajar con gente nueva, y le apasiona la enseñanza
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Hola soy Veronica:

Profesora certificada con más de 11 años de práctica y varios de enseñanza de Hatha Yoga tradicional.
Pone a tu disposición su Yoga Integrador, método que aúna el conocimiento tradicional de la India, la filosofía del yoga y las técnicas del yoga moderno.

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